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NALGEP Projects

Brownfield Communities Network

Guided by an Advisory Council of the nation's leading local brownfields leaders, the Brownfields Communities Network will provide technical assistance and training to local government officials and other key stakeholders.

Smart Growth for Clean Water

NALGEP is partnering with the Trust for Public Land and the Eastern Research Group to help states and localities use land conservation, watershed management, brownfields redevelopment, and other smart growth tools as key strategies for achieving water quality goals.

Brownfields Showcase Communities

NALGEP is convening representatives of the 28 Brownfields Showcase Communities to research and identify priority needs of local brownfields initiatives and effectively communicate those needs to the federal agencies. The project will monitor the ongoing implementation of the Showcase Program to determine what aspects are most effective in facilitating community browfields revitalization.

Smart Growth Partnerships

NALGEP partners with federal agencies, nonprofits, and state and local governments to promote best practices in smart growth and sustainable communities.

Renewable Energy Development on Brownfields

NALGEP brings information to local governments on renewable energy development on brownfields through webinars, regional workshops, and a white paper due out in 2011.

Smart Growth Business Partnership

Funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Urban and Economic Development Division, this NALGEP project is establishing a foundation for partnerships among businesses, local governments and federal agencies for smart growth initiatives. 

Clean Air Transportation Communities

NALGEP seeks to spur local clean air innovations that will improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gases by reducing Vehicles Miles Traveled (VMTs) and vehicular emissions. 

Clean Air Communities

This NALGEP project, funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Air and Radiation, convened local government environmental officials to identify tools and incentives needed by local communities to meet national air quality objectives.

Building a Brownfields Partnership

Completed in 1998, this project worked with a coalition of local government and other brownfields leaders from across the nation to determine the value and promise of the Administration's Brownfields Action Agenda.