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Oct 19, 2014

Slides Available From NALGEP’s Brownfields and Sustainability Break-Out Sessions at RTM Conference

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On October 7 and 8, 2014 in Philadelphia, NALGEP collaborated with RTM Communications on an exciting national conference on brownfields and sustainability. NALGEP’s break-out sessions featured national experts on local government strategies for brownfields revitalization and sustainability. NALGEP is pleased to provide the slides from the presentations, below.

DAY ONE: Tuesday October 7

Local Government Strategies to Promote Clean Energy 

  • New strategies for tracking and reducing building energy use.
  • Local programs to encourage the use of renewable energy.
  • Local approaches to promote the use of alternative fuels and vehicles.

Alex Dews, Policy and Program Manager, Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, Philadelphia
Tony Bandiero, Director, Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities
Mark Warner, Director of Energy, Sustainable Jersey

Roundtable Session with Megan Quinn, U.S. EPA Brownfields Program

  • EPA’s Brownfields Priorities for 2014-2015
  • Area-wide Planning, Renewable Energy on Brownfields, Technical Assistance, Funding, Outreach and Education

Local Government Strategies for Grappling with Stormwater Management Requirements

  • Using green infrastructure to mitigate combined sewer overflows
  • Public funding sources and technical assistance for integrated local government stormwater management strategies
  • Working with state and federal programs and requirements

Jessica Noon, Manager, Strategic Policy and Coordination, Office of Watersheds, Philadelphia Water Department
Lisa Treese, Senior Landscape Architect, Water Services Department, Kansas City, MO

Local Government Planning for Climate Resiliency

  • Examples of climate resiliency/adaptation plans from a variety of geographic settings and climate change scenarios
  • Keys for coordinating and building support for resiliency planning across departments within local government
  • Technical assistance and funding support for local resiliency planning efforts

David Erickson, Senior Environmental Public Health Program Administrator, City and County of Denver
Christopher Huch, Community Resiliency Specialist, Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve, Tuckerton, New Jersey

DAY ONE: Tuesday October 7

Roundtable Session with Tonia Williams, Area Director, U.S. Department of Commerce - Economic Development Administration (EDA)

  • EDA priorities and funding opportunities. 
  • Planning, public works, and economic adjustment grants
How to Sustain a Local Brownfields Program

  • Keys to establishing and maintaining a successful local brownfields program
  • Tips for securing local political support and investment in brownfields
  • Innovative public and private funding sources for planning, assessment, cleanup, redevelopment, and staff
  • How to ride the ups and downs of local and national economic swings

Mark Gregor, Manager, Division of Environmental Quality, City of Rochester, NY
J.R. Capasso, Brownfields Coordinator, City of Trenton, NJ
Lucy Auster, Senior Planner and Brownfields Program Manager, King County, WA
Lee Ilan, Chief of Planning, New York City Mayor's Office of Environmental Remediation (Moderator)

Ensuring Equitable Brownfields Redevelopment

  • Ensuring that brownfields revitalization benefits disadvantaged neighborhoods.
  • How to minimize the impacts of gentrification on existing residents.
  • Increasing affordable housing and job opportunities in environmental justice communities.

Deeohn Ferris, President, Global Environmental Resources, Inc.
Dan Walsh, Director, New York City Mayor’s Office of Environmental Remediation
Zachery Clayton, Manager, Environmental Land Use and Planning, City and County of Denver (Moderator)

Public Financing Strategies to Leverage Private Investment in Brownfields

  • Examples of a variety of public financing tools for local governments, including tax increment financing, New Market Tax Credits, CDBG, Revolving Loan Funds, and others
  • Marketing public financing tools and brownfields sites to private developers
  • Innovative public financing funding sources – looking beyond traditional tools

Karen Dettmer, Senior Environmental Project Engineer, Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee
Charlie Bartsch, Senior Economic Development Advisor, U.S. EPA
Gilbert Gabanski, Department of Environmental Services, Hennepin County, MN
Michele Christina, Brownfield Redevelopment Solutions (Moderator)

Roundtable of Brownfields Developers

  • What makes a good local government partner for private developers.
  • Tips for attracting good brownfields developers.
  • What public financing tools work best from the private sector’s perspective.

Conrad Muhly, President, Terra Environmental, Pennsylvania
Chris Wilson, High Ground Industrial, New York
Gary Silversmith, President, P&L Investments, Washington, D.C.
Steve Collins, Executive VP, Environmental Liability Transfer, St. Louis, MO
Colleen Kokas, Manager for Sustainability, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (Moderator)

Update on State and Federal Brownfields Policies

  • What are the best state brownfield programs?
  • What are the prospects for reauthorizing the federal brownfields law?
  • What is the outlook for federal brownfields funding?
  • What are the opportunities for reinstating the federal brownfields tax incentive?

Evans Paull, Principal, Redevelopment Economics
Ken Brown, Executive Director, NALGEP
Mark McIntyre, General Counsel, New York City Office of Environmental Remediation
Doug MacCourt, Partner, Ater Wynne (Moderator)