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Next Generation Broadband: Cornerstone Infrastructure for 21st-Century Brownfields Redevelopment

This paper is intended to educate planners about the many benefits of next-generation broadband and how those benefits can be leveraged to make brownfield redevelopment projects—and the communities where they exist—more successful. It also outlines how local governments might incorporate broadband into redevelopment projects and provides examples of successful broadband projects.

Date Printed: 05/01/12

NALGEP's Cultivating Green Energy on Brownfields: A Nuts and Bolts Primer for Local Governments

The innovative development of renewable energy on brownfields and other contaminated properties is bringing a host of benefits to communities around the country, including new jobs, new sources of energy and income, and the beneficial reuse of otherwise idle properties. Because local governments are uniquely situated to encourage the growth of these projects, the National Association of Local Government Environmental Professionals (NALGEP) has released a primer entitled Cultivating Green Energy on Brownfields: A Nuts and Bolts Primer for Local Governments to aid local governments in investigating whether renewable energy development may be the right choice for brownfields in their communities. 

Date Printed: 01/03/12

Local Government Climate Change Strategies – Beyond Inventories

NALGEP hosted a web cast on June 12, 2007, that showcased the obstacles, challenges, and successes associated with specific local government climate change initiatives. This web cast was a joint effort between NALGEP and the Sierra Club "Cool Cities" campaign. 


Paul Connor, Executive Director, NALGEP 

Glen Brand, Director, Sierra Club Cool Cities Campaign 

Dennis Murphey, Chief Environmental Officer, Office of Environmental Quality, Kansas City, MO 

Mikaela Engert, City Planner, City of Keene, NH 

Date Printed: 06/13/07

Superfund Liability: A Continuing Obstacle to Brownfields Redevelopment

Local government property acquisition is one of the key tools needed to facilitate brownfields redevelopment. NALGEP and the Brownfield Communities Network (BCN) Involuntary Acquisitions Task Force researched the role of this critical tool and found that liability concerns continue to hamper local government acquisition of brownfield sites. This repot summarizes the resulting research, which resulted in findings and recommendations to generate policy changes to aid local governments.

Date Printed: 11/09/06

Revitalizing Southeastern Communities

Developed in partnership with EPA Region 4, this interactive CD-Rom Toolkit provides local brownfield officials with the information needed to redevelop brownfields and revitalize their communities. The Toolkit provides information for all levels of expertise, from introductory materials, all the way to advanced reuse strategies for experienced professionals. 

Date Printed: 03/01/06

Clean Communities on the Move: A Partnership-Driven Approach to Clean Air & Smart Transportation

Many local communities have taken the initiative to develop new partnerships and transportation programs to improve the livability of their community. This report profiles over 30 innovative programs and approaches by local governments to improve air quality by reducing traffic congestion and vehicle emissions, and changing growth patterns. The report also includes five key findings, identifying what local governments need to move toward clean air and smart transportation innovation.

Date Printed: 11/22/05

Unlocking Brownfields: Keys to Community Revitalization

This report encapsulates a decade of research and experience on brownfields reuse. The report includes over 50 profiles of successful brownfields projects and programs, four comprehensive findings, and "10 Keys to Brownfield Success". 

Date Printed: 11/02/04

A Primer for Petroleum Brownfields

The goal of this primer is to help communities better understand the re-use of petroleum brownfields. This publication is a follow-up to the Recycling America's Gas Stations report published in 2002 by NALGEP and the Northeast-Midwest Institute.

Date Printed: 11/01/04

Smart Growth is Smart Business: Boosting The Bottom Line and Community Prosperity

The National Association of Local Government Environmental Professionals (NALGEP) and the Smart Growth Leadership Institute partnered to produce this report, Smart Growth is Smart Business. The report profiles 17 businesses and business groups that are putting smart growth into action in communities across the nation. It outlines the reasons why these business leaders are supporting smart growth policies and projects, and it puts forth five key smart growth business approaches.

Date Printed: 04/22/04

Brownfield Communities Network Brochure

The Brownfield Communities Network is a national network of local communities working to demonstrate how the cleanup and redevelopment can be an effective tool for community revitalization. The Brownfield Communities Network is working to harness the substantial knowledge, expertise, and experience of the nation's leading brownfields communities developed during the past decade and export it to their peers.

Date Printed: 10/20/03

Smart Growth for Clean Water: Helping Communities Address the Water Quality Impacts of Sprawl

Released June 2003, this report is the result of a three-year Smart Growth for Clean Water project NALGEP conducted in association with the Trust for Public Land, ERG, U.S. EPA, and the U.S. Forest Service. Based on the experiences of communities across the nation, this report highlights case studies and innovative approaches to help local government officials implement smart growth programs in their communities that can address various water quality challenges.

Date Printed: 04/30/03

Profiles of Business Leadership on Smart Growth: New Partnerships Demonstrate the Economic Benefits of Reducing Sprawl

With 19 profiles of innovative businesses and business coalitions, this report identifies how leading manufacturers, financial institutions, developers, utilities, retailers, contractors, chambers of commerce, and other business leaders are taking steps to promote smart growth and reduce sprawl in their communities. 

Date Printed: 06/21/99

HUD CDBG Brownfields Funding: A Building Block for Community Development

A NALGEP report that evaluates the impact of current Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) regulations on brownfields redevelopment and provides the views of local government brownfields officials to HUD as the Department considers revising these regulations.

Date Printed: 02/01/97

Profiles of Local Clean Air Innovation: Empowering Communities to Meet the Air Quality Challenges of the 21st Century

Drawn from interviews with more than 85 local environmental, economic development, and transportation officials in cities, counties, and regional entities nationwide, this report includes 20 key findings on new approaches and partnerships communities can use to achieve lasting air quality progress.

Date Printed: 06/22/05

Recycling Americas Gas Stations: The Value and Promise of Revitalizing Petroleum Contaminated Properties

Issued in 2002 by NALGEP and the Northeast-Midwest Institute, this report provides background on state and local partnerships' innovative approaches to UST contamination drawn from the experiences of the 50 USTfield pilot communities who took part in the EPA's USTfields Revitalization Initiative.

Date Printed:

Building a Brownfields Partnership from the Ground Up: Local Government Views on the Value of Brownfields Initiatives

A NALGEP report that presents the views of local government brownfields officials on the value of EPA’s brownfields policies and provides proposals for building the next phase of federal brownfields programs.

Date Printed: